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About Us

Here at Get Started Websites we understands your struggle to stay up to date with marketing and technology in this ever changing and increasingly competitive market.  

Our desire is to serve you and your organization with high quality and sophisticated services that compliment small budget constraints.


Our company, Interactive Strategies Management & Marketing Ltd. Co., was founded by Chad in February 2000 with hopes to help small businesses create a marketing plan for success.  Chad dissolved this corporation in 2021 after learning that he had a choice to no longer operate as a business fiction in the corporate and legal fiction world.  Chad now operates in the lawful side (common law), in the private, and no longer makes income, but receives compensation or donations for labor and does trade in common law.

Chad knows how expensive and difficult it can be to find and trust a company with sales and marketing services after owning and operating several businesses for 20+ years, and Chad’s experiences can help your start-up save money with practical and affordable marketing.


Chad finds pleasure in discussing your dreams of starting a business or trade and helping them become a reality.  Small businesses can have an unfair advantage compared to a nationally known company with deep pockets and top dollar marketing advisors.  Chad wants to help you even the playing field.  

Get Started Websites is a nights & weekend trade for Chad, his day labor consuming 40 hours a week involved sales and management for two companies.  Chad has worked for both Parsons Office Systems (POSI) and Imminent Technologies since 2005 (15 years).  Chad is knowledgeable with office equipment (copiers, scanners, fax servers, etc.) and software solutions (databases, software development, automation, etc.).

POSI closed their business, and Chad now focuses more on software development, ministry, and this sites marketing services. To learn more click here:

A little about Chad