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Sales Automation System - Basics

We are all required to do more with less these days, including your sales department.  You have probably heard of the sophisticated sales automation systems used by the larger companies staffing 50 and up sized sales departments.  These automation systems are very costly, but offer great benefits to a sales person.

We have our own sales automation system.  In fact, it works better than some of those larger companies’.  Whether a single sales person or a team of salespeople, we can help you design an automated marketing system.

It would be nice to duplicate our efforts in everything we do, but may not always be possible.  For sales people, it can be difficult to stick with a manual system and remember all the tasks at the right time or at all.  It can be difficult to maintain a large customer list or database, knowing the next steps with cold calling efforts or a sales process.

We support a product that automates your marketing and workflow processes.  Until we have further discussions as to the complete details of your needs and our systems capabilities, for now we will call our product Sales Automation System or SAS.  Our system consists of several software applications all working together and many hours of consulting and set-up/design hours.  There could also be other products involved including printers, fax, and in addition to our automated emails using an automated email service in some cases.

If you want to see your sales increase, potentially double, give us a call for a free consultation.