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Blog & Podcast - Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay for a Blog?

The paid version of Quick Blogcast® does not include advertisements and lets you:

Can I import entries?

You can import posts into your Quick Blogcast® blog from another blog that uses the following formats:

Can I use with iTunes?

Yes, iTunes® is one of the directories where Quick Blogcast® will upload your episodes. You can have Quick Blogcast automatically upload your new episodes to a selected directory. To upload to podcast directories, you may need to set up an account with the directory first.

What are the system requirements?

With Quick Blogcast®, you can design, build, and manage your blogcast online; all you need is an Internet connection and a Web browser.

While the hardware specific to your computer and your Internet connection greatly affect the speed of any Web application, you can use Quick Blogcast on virtually any system. Quick Blogcast works with dial-up, DSL, or high-speed Internet connections.

For Viewing a Blogcast Created Using Quick Blogcast

Your blogcast is rendered for viewing by any of the following Web browsers, regardless of the platform you used when building your blogcast: