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Sales Automation System - Benefits

Sales Automation System (SAS) offers the power to automatically schedule activities and automatically create correspondence according to patterns (called "campaigns") that you define.  

Sales--It's All About Follow-Up:

ACT! (Sales database) is a great contact manager, but it requires that you manually create followup activities after a customer interaction (i.e. a "touch point"). As you probably know, it’s nearly impossible for a busy salesperson to do followup consistently and well.


Because SAM lets you predefine the followup steps for any situation at a touch point, SAM, unlike any other ACT! add-on, finally gives you Perfect Followup…made easy!®

Sales Automation:

SAM's goal is to "automate everything that can be, so the salesperson/ACT user can be most efficient". Our Sales Automation Manager ACT! addon finally gives you “true sales automation" with ACT!

What SAS can do:

SAS features can help you implement campaigns like these:

Here’s a recipe for achieving "total marketing automation" with SAS:

With careful design, you can reserve your valuable direct human interaction for only the most important clients or the most important touch points.