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Are you currently marketing?  

WHAT are you marketing to?


What kind of people?  Are you using a database containing specific knowledge of specific people who would actually be interested in what you offer?

Or, are you using the shot gun approach, marketing to the world?  Reaching thousands of people, but only receiving a small portion of interest.

Would you like more people actually contacting you; who want exactly what you have to offer, at the exact time they are ready to purchase?  No more time wasted with the wrong people at the wrong time.

It’s time to be intentional and strategic

to produce more well qualified customers,

with less effort, less time, and quite possibly less expense.

We can help build a database of specific “people” and put in place automated systems for repetitiously staying in front of these intentional people until they make a purchase or give you good reason to discontinue.  

Nothing has changed, it still takes up to 7 to 12 times before someone responds to your marketing add.  Have you ever thought how expensive it is to find a new customer?  Well, have you ever thought how expensive it is to lose your own customer?  What am I getting at...  You need to not only invest marketing into new potential customers, but continue staying in front of your existing customer base; while looking for new opportunities or digging deeper within for more business.  We can also help automate processes, so that your customer feels you never dropped off the face of the earth right after the “sale.”

Don’t think this is an overnight immediate results solution to all your problems. We offer a new way of business and marketing, using tools that seem to add 5 more sales people (cold callers) without the expense.  It takes time to develop a well thought and deliverable plan.  Although you may see immediate sales and possibly feel a very quick return on your investment, our goal is long term and expect a year to sometimes years before reaping the entire benefits of your efforts.  But, in the end, you will find great wealth in laying this foundation of intelligent marketing.